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Christmas is only 11 days away

publishedabout 2 months ago
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What comes up for you when I say that?

Let's do a quick 3 step approach to check in and give yourself some self care.....

Take a Deep Breathe and notice your lungs as they expand on the inhale and deflate on the exhale.

Ok, so 3 step approach.....

Bottom Up (meaning from your body)

What happens in your body when I say "Christmas is only 11 days away"?

What are you feeling?

What are the sensations?

Sideways (about your Bottom Up)

What are you thinking about yourself as you notice what your body is saying?

How is your body responding?

Top Down (meaning from your brain)

What thoughts are you thinking when I say "Christmas is only 11 days away"?

Go ahead a write a few of them down.

Sideways (about your Top Down)

What are you thinking about yourself that you are thinking that?

How is your body responding?

I invite you to again take a Deep Breathe.

Does it feel any different?

It might feel better or a little more staggered than the first time, depending on what came up with those 3 step exercises.

Whatever came up is valid.

It is information you can use to heal and grow and honor your experience.

With 11 days left, we can sometimes get caught up in the hustle and needing to do all the things.

Good job for taking the time to pay attention to you for these few minutes while reading this email.

Well done.

Each time we take time to pay attention to our inner self and show ourselves we matter, we create more capacity within us to trust and honor our intuition - our inner voice and strength.

It's called internal resourcing in somatic work.

You can take another Deep Breathe and let that settle.

Does it feel true?

If so, why? If not, why?

You got this.

Merry Christmas friends!


Remember, ❤️

You Matter. Your Healing Matters. You Are Worth It!

P.S. With all the giving this season, please remember to give yourself time and space to rest and just be.

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