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Here’s to you Teacher….

published4 months ago
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Yesterday was 🍎 National Teacher Day. 🍎

Who are the teachers you remember most?

The ones who impacted your life most? For good or bad…..

(I know if we are celebrating them, it’s usually the good impacts…but sometimes the bad impacts can be what shapes us too, so I wanted to give your brain and body permission to go there.) 😉

What did they do or say that impacted you most?

Or was the impact so big because of how you felt about yourself and who you were when you were around them?

I am thinking today of my current teachers and of my teachers over the past several years.

They have been my teachers about trauma…..

And the experiences with these teachers have been good and bad….and the impact has been transformative.

I have needed A LOT of education around trauma.

I knew nothing about it, AND before 2018. I would have said that I never had trauma.

So my education has been around:

What it is…..How it gets trapped in my body…..How to release it…..

What my nervous system does in trauma…

How to not judge my nervous system….

How to have compassion ❤️ for myself when my body, mind and spirit - run by my nervous system - goes back into the past and I am living in my trauma in the present….

How to understand my CPTSD and how all the developmental, sexual and spiritual trauma all connect…..

How I sometimes re-traumatized myself…..

How to feel again from a mindset (top down) approach…..and how to let the feelings be released….

How to feel from a trauma sensation (bottom up) approach……and how to let the trapped trauma release…..

How to feel compassion, love and understanding for myself and my trauma (sideways)……and how to let all of those feelings flow through me and release them too…..

Here’s to you, my Current Trauma Teachers - Thank you, I have learned so much from all of you! 🎉 🍎 🎉

Who are your current trauma teachers?

And what are they teaching you?

I’d encourage you to make a list and write or record what you have learned or are currently learning….

And then share your voice and the truth of what you are learning with someone….

(I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to DM me or respond to this email. I’ll respond back in a day or two.)

I did this exercise too…..(check out the P.S. if you want to read my musings —-warning it’s a long list..😉)

The awareness of where I am and how far I’ve come gave me a lot of gratitude for me showing up for me, even when it looked like I wasn’t….

And gratitude for my Teachers….who also keep showing up for me….

How are you showing up for you?