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May - Mental Health Awareness Month

published4 months ago
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Thoughts on Mental Health Awareness month.

What does a month to be aware mean for you?

It’s a month to break the silence around mental illness.

A month to break the negative stigma…

To check in with your mental health.

To honor the mental health of others.

To be aware.

What is your sense of awareness around your mental health?

What about your sense of awareness around the mental health of those you love?

My sense of awareness first started with fear, silence and abandonment as members of my extended family suffered with mental illness that no one would talk about.

Then when members of my immediate family struggled with mental health, I wanted a better set of tools.

Fear, abandonment, silence….those were not welcome in my hunger for understanding and ways to support myself and others.

Coaching, talking to therapist, talking to those who struggle, seeking answers that were hard and not really answers….

All of that helped me see there is such a need for understanding around mental health.

There is such a need for a better understanding for myself around mental health.

I am grateful for all those who have gone before me to break the stigma.

I want to also help break the negative stigma.

I am grateful for all those who teach information about ways to honor the need for better tools and resources to help those who struggle with mental health.

We all need someone who wants to see and understand where we are and what are struggles are...

To love us where we are and love us simply because we are 100% loveable….

Even when - especially when we don’t believe it ourselves.

We all need support and help with our awareness.

Thank you to those brave souls who educate, love and honor the struggle.

I appreciate you, I honor you.

Thank you to those who are teaching me - I love you, I honor you.

What are your thoughts and feelings around mental health awareness month?

Who can you honor and love as they are?

Is the who you and/or someone else?