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One question you could be asking yourself....

published25 days ago
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Why am I in a rush?

This is a question I often ask myself when I am healing.

It is so tempting to want to hurry along the healing process.

But rushing doesn't actually help us heal faster or feel better.

If we stay focused on the need to hurry, it can actually do the opposite of what we want by keeping us stuck, feeling terrible and ultimately slowing or stopping our healing.

If you find yourself wanting to rush I invite you to please be kind to yourself.

This healing work takes bravery, tears, anger, grief, joy, shouting, laughing, cussing, trusting......and a whole series of other emotions.

It's no wonder we want to rush through it and try to skip steps or jump over parts we don't like.

My friend, the only way to heal though. Is. Through. It.

So again, please be kind, you are going through some trauma.

And you are healing.

When you notice you want to rush. You are healing.

When you question why you want to rush. You are healing.

When you honor your sensations, feelings, thoughts, actions and results. You are healing.

Here are some grounding tricks I like to use when I find myself in a rush.

Noticing that I'm rushing brings information into my consciousness and I've taken the first step towards awareness. (Top Down).

Then I like to take a deep breathe and intentionally get into my body for a moment. (Bottom Up)

I breathe again and seek to notice if my breathe is coming from frustration, love or something else. (Combo of Bottom Up and Sideways).

Then I can ask my body and brain the question, Why am I in a rush? (Combo of Bottom Up and Top Down).

The information from my body, mind and spirit amazes me every. single. time.

My inner wisdom is pretty wise and insightful. And I believe that and add evidence that it's true each time I do this grounding practice. (Internal resourcing).

*It's a pretty big deal that I believe this because a trauma belief I have is that I'm not very smart and everyone knows better than me.*

Thank you to me and my inner wisdom for doing the work to create more accurate beliefs!

Here's some more ideas for how to use "the desire to rush" as information that can tell us where we need to work next:

Second Guessing.....

Do you find that you second guess if your healing is really working?

I invite you to notice if you want to compare, if so we can clean that up and get info for why you compare.

Is there another reason you are second guessing?

I want to offer that second guessing is normal and it could mean you are doing it right because you are gaining more awareness. Probably in all 3 areas, Top Down, Bottom UP and Sideways.

Both can also be true. You compare (or add your reason here) and it's normal.

Internal Resourcing....

Seeking to uncover what your mind, body and spirit want to share about why you want to rush can be helpful information as you heal. It can start a powerful cycle....

To understand the pain and embody the pain.....

To understand the reframe and embody the reframe.....

To create new stories, new actions and results in new ways of being you.

This cycle creates powerful internal resources that your body can hold onto and offer the next time you want to rush and heal faster.

(As in my example, I can remind myself of the info I felt and received from my inner wisdom for evidence that I don't always believe the trauma belief that might be coming up. These internal resource reminders can come from my body, mind, or spirit).

Faster Results......

Maybe you want faster results so you can get out of hyper activity or numbness quicker and feel better.

Again, notice why you think it needs to happen more quickly.

Our body's physiology needs gradual, slower regulating tools to signal safety to our body.

Fast stops or starts just keep us in our survival nervous system.

It's like a black and white, all or nothing frame, which doesn't serve us unless we are really in danger.

When we can open up to ands or boths, we offer slow, gradual, more expansive ideas, thoughts, sensations and feelings.

Honoring our internal experiences and the powerful resources we create with our healing experiences are what actually help us feel better while we heal.

Not the rush to immediately feel better.

Do any of these tools resonate?

Does your body want to try one out because it needs to experience or practice some slow, gentle regulation?

What is your desire to rush wanting to tell you?

If you need help with any of this, I invite you to get on my calendar Here or talk with me about it during our next session.

You got this. You are courageous. Keep going and rest when needed.


Remember, ❤️

You Matter. Your Healing Matters. You Are Worth It!

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